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The Ultimate Apartment Dweller’s Tool Kit

With these nine essentials, you’ll be well-set for routine fixes around the house.


Not everyone has space in their apartment for a full-fledged toolbox, but that’s ok. Toolboxes can be heavy, cumbersome and most tools occupying their chasms stay there and rarely find use. With a handful of compact multifunctional tools, stored in a neatly organized roll, you can knock out most of the household quick-fix jobs and avoid having to call the handyman. Loose screw on your sunglasses? Easy. Cracked plant pot? No problem. With these essentials, you’ll be well-set for just about everything.

Leatherman FREE P2

No household tool kit is complete without a Leatherman multitool, and the new FREE P2 is the best of the bunch. The tool was completely redesigned to make it even more functional than the original. The most immediately noticeable upgrade is the use of magnets to keep it closed. These magnets allow the tool to also swing open for access to the pliers with a far smoother action than say, Leatherman’s classic Wave. All of the additional tools hidden in the handle of the FREE P2 (13 in all, including a combo edge knife, spring action scissors, bottle opener, wood/metal file and four different screwdrivers) have been moved from the inside to the outside of the handles to make them easier to access — and gone are the nail nicks used to open them. The FREE P2 uses a system similar to those found on pocket knives to lock the tools in place once opened. It’s the cornerstone of any self-respecting tool kit.

Buy Now: $120

The Other Essentials

Executive Thinline Tape Measure by Lufkin $14
MT10 Flashlight by Ledlenser $80
8050 Micro by Dremel $76
Original 2oz by Gorilla Glue $5
Lubricant Spray by WD-40 $7
Landseer Tool Roll by Red Clouds Collective $75
Duct Tape 2×50 Roll by SOL $6
Steel Spring Clamp by Bessey $3

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