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The Gear We’d Buy If Price Was No Object

The gear our staff is dreaming about right now.


It’s summer, and we’re knee-deep in planning mode for vacations we’re going to take and dreaming up trips we have yet to make. In the midst of it all,  a few items would make these next 90 days even more enjoyable. We polled the team to see what their summer dreams include, and to hear what gear they’d buy if price weren’t a factor. Here are the nine items we’re coveting right now.

Parlee RZ7 Factory Edition

“This season, the disc-brake-aero-bike trend is in full force, and Parlee is the latest brand to embrace it. Although they’re very fast, aero disc brake bikes tend to be a bit heavier and more sluggish than traditional climbing bikes, but the Parlee RZ7 is one of the lightest aero bikes out there. A medium frame comes in at only 840 grams! It has proprietary “SpeedShields” which cover the disc brake calipers and improve airflow, a first for bikes like this. While this bike is nearly perfect in my eyes, I’d add a set of Vittoria Corsa gum wall tires and call it a day.” Hunter Kelly, Associate Designer

Buy Now: $8,479

Vintage Sunfish Sailboat

“I used to sail in one of these every summer as a kid, and I miss it. I love being on the water, and there’s something strangely appealing about having to duck whenever you tack (the boom will otherwise swing around, hit you in the face, and knock you out). Keeps you on your toes.” Oren Hartov, Assistant Editor

Buy Now: $1,100

2019 Indian Scout Motorcycle

“I got to ride a 2017 Scout all over South Dakota a couple of years ago, and I loved it so much I was tempted to steal the damn thing and pin it back to NYC. Why? That beguiling combo of classic looks and modern performance. The paint job is so cherry, people kept asking if it was custom, and the 1200cc, 6-speed, liquid-cooled V-Twin engine provides more than enough juice to fly over those wide-open Great Plains highways as fast as you like. Meanwhile, responsive shocks and forgiving ABS make handling a dream in the twisties. I’d gladly ride it across the country and back. Twice.” Steve Mazzucchi, Outdoor & Fitness Editor

Buy Now: $13,799

Yeti SB130 LR XO1

“There are a few reasons that I don’t already own one of these, the biggest being that they are pretty cost prohibitive. I also live in Brooklyn, where storage space and decent trails come at a premium. In a perfect world, I’d be ripping around on one of these daily before work. The SB130 LR XO1 is Yeti’s do-it-all trail bike. The “LR” stands for a lunch ride because it’s the spec that the Yeti employees use on their lunch rides on the local trail system.” AJ Powell, Project Manager

Buy Now: $7,599

Icon A5 Limited Edition

“It’s an airplane, sure, but one that comes without most of the hassles that tag along with plane ownership. It’s designed to be almost impossible to crash by accident; it’s small and light enough to be trailered anywhere you can drive and can land on both water and land alike. Car-inspired controls mean it’s easy to operate — you don’t even need a full pilot’s license to fly it. Sure, it’s as expensive as a Ferrari…but no supercar can offer half the thrills of flying.” Will Sabel Courtney, Motoring Editor

Buy Now: $389,000

Fortel DT Carbon with Glass

“Atroposknife’s Fortel blades are not just beautiful but also brilliant. These ingenious transformers are a handful of knives in one clever package that looks like a joy to fiddle with even if I might have trouble bringing myself actually to use it. Even the base model is outrageously expensive, but if money were no issue, I’d spring for the beautiful titanium model with Damascus steel, no question.” Eric Limer, Tech Editor

Buy Now: $999

Peloton Tread

“Not only would I be able to run any time I wanted, even in the dead of winter, and take any class I wanted — I’m assuming that a subscription would be included in this “money is no object” deal — but this glamorous treadmill would also allow me to kill my gym membership. Two birds, one stone.” Tucker Bowe, Staff Writer

Buy Now: $4295

Seiko Astron GPS Solar 5X Watch

The Seiko Astron 5X has some of the most practical, handy tech and robust specs you could want from a watch, but it also remains highly wearable at just 41.4mm and feels like a watch should — and not like some tech gadget. Perpetually charged by any exposure to light, it also updates the time automatically to near atomic-clock precision and adjusts to daylight savings and changes of time zone. Basically, it’s always extremely accurate with zero fuss from the user, making it ideal for travel, but it is also satisfying strictly from a watchmaking perspective for its build quality, aesthetics and details.” Zen Love, Associate Staff Writer

Buy Now: $2,260

Almond Surfboards R-Series 8’0 Joy Surfboard

“There are more expensive items I could’ve nominated to this list — a full-suspension mountain bike and a wake surfing boat come to mind — but Almond’s big foamie sits comfortably in the overlap of six-figure dreams and reality. I probably could afford it, but I’m a total novice at surfing and don’t go enough (yet) to justify the cost of buying a board. But it is mighty pretty, and from what friends have told me about Almond’s foam R-Series, plenty fun on summer waves, too.” Tanner Bowden, Staff Writer

Buy Now: $525

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