The 11 Essentials You Need for a Perfect Summer Dive

Barely any divers go under the waves with dive watches these days,but the Panerai Guillaume Nery Submersible begs to get salty.


Summer is the ideal time to get into the water, explore and update that PADI certification. SCUBA diving puts you into a part of the earth hardly seen by most. Below the surface of the water, a whole other world is alive and bustling and teeming with life most of us only see on Blue Planet. With the right tools, you can explore the underwater world with a front row seat to sea life and wreck exploration. If you are looking to step into a wetsuit this summer, these are our favorite tools and accessories for a fun dive below the clear blue waves.

The Watch

Dive watches can barely go under the waves these days, but the Panerai Submersible Chrono – Guillame Néry Edition is a true mechanical diving instrument that begs to get salty. The storied Italian watchmaker was born at sea, world-renowned for its unique and unparalleled dive watches. This Submersible, a beautifully rugged timepiece inspired by French freediver Guillaume Néry, is ready for any challenges you might face below sea level. The Chronograph was built for pro divers, water-resistant up to a depth of 300 meters, equipped with a unidirectional rotating bezel for calculating dive time and white and blue luminescent indices that stand out very well against the grey dial. The 47mm works well when dry too: It’s light for its size — thanks to its titanium construction — making it a perfect addition to your wrist in or out of the ocean.

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The Essentials

Body Glove: Pro 3 Dive 3mm Black-Zip Fullsuit $120
Cressi: Big Eyes Evolution Mask $70
Cressi: Pro Light Fins $53
PADI: Scuba Diving Certification Learn More
Gear Aid: Akua River Knife $30
Underwater Kinetics: SL3 eLED Dive Light $55
Go-Pro: Hero 7 Learn More
Sea to Summit: Big River Dry Bag 8 liter $30
Pak Towl: Luxe Microfiber Body Towel $30
RX Bar: Variety Pack $27

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