The Ultimate Disaster Survival Bag Just Doubled Its Impact

This practical survival kit gets an upgrade and now keeps two people safe.


Key Specs:
Brand: Uncharted Supply Co.
Model: Pro
Price: $TBD
Availability: Spring 2020
Unique Features: Updated and more comfortable straps, more pocket flexibility, six new tools, plus it floats.

Upshot:Uncharted Supply Co. already makes some of the most thought-out survival kits available to help you survive everything from a tornado to a hurricane to a forest fire. This bag doubles its life-saving capacity from one person to two.

Who It’s For: Previously, the Seventy2 bag would help one person, but now the Pro will get two people through tricky situations. Considering the chances you’re stuck alone in an emergency are pretty low, this bag will make surviving a possibility.

Insight: The new Pro kit features a custom knife with a full tang blade, bottle opener, Ferrel rod and serrated edge; a multi-tool with full-size pliers, screwdrivers, knife blade, glass breaker and driver set; a shovel with telescoping handle and fishing kit; ski-style goggles and a larger flashlight with a better battery life than the previous version. And the exterior Hypalon shell means the bag doubles as a flotation device. No matter the emergency, Uncharted Supply Co. has you and your plus-one covered.

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