Your Perfect Travel Water Bottle Is Almost Here

Over anything else, a water bottle might be the most important travel accessory.


Key Specs:
Brand: Matador
Model: Packable Water Bottle
Price: $35
Availability: October 2019
Unique Features: One-way valve opening, zipper access for cleaning

Upshot: To complement its range of packable bags and travel accessories, Matador is releasing a one-liter water bottle that weighs less than 2.5 ounces and packs down tiny when it’s empty. The container is made of TPU and includes markings to let you know how much is in it, as well as a small handle for use with a carabiner and a one-way bite valve instead of the screw-on lid you might encounter with similar flexible plastic bottles. There’s also a zipper closure on the bottom that opens it wide for easy cleaning.

Who It’s For: Anyone.

Insight: Matador, perhaps more than any brand, has mastered the practice of making packable items for travel. It aims for the essentials: a backpack, a toiletry case, a towel. Making a collapsible water bottle is a predictable yet smart move for the brand — water bottles aren’t seasonal, they’re practical on trips whether they take place in cities or mountains; they’re travel essentials in every sense. They’re also wildly bulky, and while Matador’s Packable Water Bottle won’t save space when it’s full, it’ll create a welcome void in your bag when it’s empty (when you’re moving through airport security, for example).

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