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Design Spotlight: Snow Peak Tulip Lantern

Flower Power

A lamp that utilizes the forces of gravity? Sounds gimmicky. But don’t judge a bud (sorry) by its cover. Instead of using E=MC2 for power, the Snow Peak Tulip Lantern ($150) relies on gravity to determine its method of light distribution. Inspired by the natural shape of a tulip bulb, the operation is deceivingly simple. When hung, pointed downwards or aimed in a particular direction, the light automatically aligns it self to emit a spot-like beam — when vertical, the Tulip widens its array for more light dispertion and coverage, like a torchiere. Either way, your campsite gets the full benefit of 250 lumens of power, up to 100 hours of operation, and all packed into a design that weighs just over 17 oz. Whether or not it will impress the girlfriend on your anniversary is an entirely different story.

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Buy Now: $150 (Available March 9)



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