K2 Rescue Shovel Plus

A shovel that could save your life


Your average snow shovel works great for cleaning out the driveway or dispatching amateur crooks pestering a prepubsecent Macaulay Culkin. K2’s Rescue Shovel Plus ($60) is the snow shovel of the future. Thanks to a unique modular design, the handle can be affixed to the blade to transform the Plus into a hoe for faster digging. It’s also built to perform the most critical job of all — excavating victims out of an avalanche and transporting survivors safely to medical attention. Unlike typical shovels, the ultra durable blade and rigid neck are designed to cut through even the hardest avalanche debris pack. Additionally, the hollow handle contains a complete kit and instructions for constructing an emergency sled using the shovel and K2’s BackSide or Factory Team ski lines. We dig it.

Buy Now: $60

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