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Coleman Outdoor Portable Oven & Stove

Your campfire's officially fired


The antithesis of ultralight backpacking? Hauling your own oven to bake 12′ frozen pizzas in the great outdoors. We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with the drag-your-home-into-the-bush mentality (we’ll wolf down a DiGiorno as fast as the next desperate soul after days of dehydrated meals), but at 41 lbs, Coleman’s new outdoor portable oven and stove ($250) isn’t the easiest thing to carry. Those who work out the physics of it all will be rewarded, though, with two 5,300-btu burners fired by a matchless igniter and a large oven capable of holding a 9″ x 13″ baking pan. It’s all fueled by a disposable 1lbs propane cylinder, but just in case Martha Stewart’s lurking around your tent, the unit can be adapted to use a 20-lbs cylinder for serious baking blitzes. If your dutch oven complains, eat those fresh cookies around the campfire, ignite the coffee machine and you’ll forget about it in no time.

Buy Now: $250

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