Tanner Goods Clay Notebook

Scribble and survive


Journals have always played a prominent and intimate role in the history of great adventurers. In spite of the seemingly endless proliferation of i-madness, even Steve Jobs couldn’t duplicate the tactile joy of putting pen to paper. While we’ve recommended many options for this gear staple in the past, the hand-made Tanner Goods Clay Notebook ($15) is more than just a place for scrawling your thoughts. The linen covered clay notebook features 48 pages of graph paper, as well as Dangerous Book for Boys -like illustrations throughout, which instruct the reader on everything from tying off a proper Bowline Hitch to finding shelter and drinking water. Sizing up at 3.5” X 5.5”, this journal can also conveniently fit in any gear sack. Maybe you’re not exactly a modern day Lewis and Clark, Audubon, or Shackleton, but any adventurer worth his salt should keep this journal close at hand.

Buy Now: $15

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