Want a Custom Mountain Bike? Buy This Instead

Adam Sklar is best known for making custom steel and titanium mountain bikes.

Adam Sklar got into building bikes in high school when, while cobbling together parts for his own ride, he walked into the shop of a local maker and became enchanted by all the machinery. A short time later, he began making bikes of his own, and in the years since has become renowned in the industry for his curvy steel and titanium frames. Sklar typically makes custom mountain bikes, but he recently revealed the Sweet Spot, his first-ever stock geometry production model.

The Sweet Spot adheres to the design philosophies that helped Sklar earn his signature stripes: its made of steel (4130 Chromoly steel, to be exact), its top tube is arched, and it’s a hardtail. Furthermore, its name refers directly to the bike’s reason for being — versatility. Sklar describes it not as a trail bike or an XC bike, but something in between: “a mountain bike that truly does it all.” In a way, that’s antithetical to the hyper-specificity of custom bikes, but the common denominator of quality remains. Plus, like those custom steeds, each Sweet Spot is built by hand in the USA. Check out the full list of specs, build options and prices at the Sklar Bikes website.

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