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Nemo Helio Pressure Shower

Summer Rain


Perfect for remote work sites, camping, a day at the beach, or after muddin’ on your favorite trail, the Nemo Helio Pressure Shower will have you smelling like a rose on your birthday deathbed (end lyrics). The Helio shower boasts an 11 liter (2.9 gal) capacity, good for 5-7 minutes of steady water pressure, and while other camp showers rely solely on a gravity feed, leaving you with a dribble reminiscent of BPH, Nemo includes an easy-to-use foot pump to up the stream from “drizzle” to “torrent”. Fill the dark grey Eco PU coated polyester bladder, set it in the sun and voila: hot shower. Just leave the rubber ducky at home.

Here’s another use to consider. If you’ve ever loaded a wet, muddy/sandy dog into your car after a day at the lake or beach, just wash down Rover with the Helio.

Learn More: Here (Available June, 2012)

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