Powerbreather Snorkel



While we’re big fans of running (barefoot or not), it’s hard to beat swimming for a full-body, heart rate jacking workout.

Unsurprisingly, what keeps people out of the pool is the fear of breathing, or, rather, lack thereof. Well fear no more, we’ve found what could be the solution to all you oxygen lovers sitting on the edge — if you don’t mind looking like you’ve accidentally snatched Darth Vader’s gear bag.

The Powerbreather is a revolutionary snorkel that allows the swimmer to keep his face underwater while taking in fresh air from the top valve behind the head and exhaling from the mouth valve. These valves work in concert to ensure that no spent air remains and no water enters the apparatus, even when descending. And because the unit is elastic, it stays in place instead of drooping when the swimmer turns his head. This makes it perfect for people learning to swim or looking for an easier way to get a great workout. And yes, it also works for snorkeling. On that next trip to Belize or The Caymans, wouldn’t it be nice to look, turn, and dive without swallowing a bunch of surprise saltwater?

Maybe you’ve been a snorkeler for years, maybe you’ve been trying to get into swimming but even remotely conquering some semblance of breathing technique has always turned you off. Either way, the Powerbreather is definitely worth a taste look.

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