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Game Friendly Forged

If you’ve sought out a set of game improvement irons, then you’ve likely encountered reviews laden with enough technological jargon and marketing spin to befuddle the mind. Today however, as we look back on our time testing the Nike VR_S Forged Irons ($1,000), we instead turn our attention to something that is usually reserved for the low handicapper: feel and craftsmanship. Yeah, it surprised us too.

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Nike Golf has made tremendous strides the past few seasons to become a serious equipment contender. The release of a forged iron geared towards the game improvement category is a bold step. If you’ve never tried a forged iron, the feel and feedback compared to a cast head iron are worlds apart. A crisp strike is pure euphoria, while off-center hits provide a lot of critical feedback to help an astute golfer make swing adjustments. The problem is that while forged irons are brilliant works of art and precession tools in the right hands, they are severely lacking in the forgiveness department.

The VR_S Forged on the other hand, have a full cavity-back, meaning off center hits will generally end up somewhere near you intended target. The VR_S Forged is a nice blend of attention to detail workmanship and cleverly hidden technology. Nike has included their high frequency X3X grooves to provide very consistent spin in any condition. The club’s presentation is clean and simplistic (a must for a forged iron).

After our time with the VR_S Forged we came away pleased with both the forgiveness and distance overall. While not at the top of the game improvement category — that is to be expect of a forged iron — these irons are easily wielded by mid-handicappers. And what they might lack in raw power they more than make up for with touch. You don’t buy this set looking to add 15-yards, you buy this set to get more in tune with the game — to play golf with an instrument instead of a blunt weapon. The fact that they offer added protection should you mishit is a really nice ace up your sleeve. Our only gripe is that the grips were pretty slick out of the box and needed to be roughed up before we were totally comfortable with them. If you’ve been wanting to step up to forged irons but have been scared off by their small margin for error, the Nike VR_S Forged are a great fit.

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