Atomic22 Infinity3D Bicycle Component Locks

Bespoke security, emphasis on spoke


Even with the best of locks, pieces of your bike can still be snatched up by enterprising hoodlums. So for years the only way to achieve complete peace of mind was to bring your bike inside. UK based Atomic 22 has finally created a simple solution that could change the commuting game for good — lock everything.

Specifically, the Infinity3D system can replace all of the screws on your bike with a one-of-a-kind fastener and key — making it harder to pilfer parts. First time component purchases by customers are made using hightech machining algorithms to insure individuality. From then on, buyers and their particular key shape are stored in Atomic22’s database, making it easy to create additional component locks for the same key in the future. Looks like the village bicycle finally found a chastity belt.

Buy Now: ~$40+

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