Dragonfly Stand Up Paddleboard

Ditch the Motor and Spare Tire


Stand up paddle boarding or (SUP) is taking the aquatic sports world by storm and was even named one of the five hottest outdoor sports by the Outdoor Recreation Topline Report. Coincidentally, the same study found fishing to be the most popular outdoor activity for adults. Combining these two awesome and extremely popular pastimes was inevitable, and here’s the result: The Dragonfly 13’6” ($1,900).

Custom made in the USA by Dragonfly Boatworks (yep, that one), this board is designed with a clear focus on stability, comfort, and simplicity. Thanks to a water-shedding deck and a weight of only 45 pounds, the Dragonfly is the best way to get a workout on your way to that secret fishing hole. Once you’re close, the V-shaped entry prevents the bow from slapping the water, making a stealth approach to those spring spawning beds even easier. And if the wife and kid want to come for a paddle ride, that shouldn’t be a problem for the board thanks to 420 pound float capacity. We can’t speak for your arms.

The Dragonfly looks great for any type of fishing, but the flat deck and lack of accessories make it particularly well-suited to fly casting. Anglers can strip line and keep it coiled on board without worrying about it getting tangled or knotted. And if you hook the right fish, you might just get a ride home.

Buy Now: $1,900

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