What Makes KÜHL’s Tough as Nails Pants Special

The Resistor Rock Pants have uncompromising durability and unrestricted stretch are as versatile as outdoor pants can get.



KÜHL started in 1983 with the Alf hat, a Peruvian-inspired design that many ski bums equipped themselves with in the mid-80s. Now making all manner of outdoor apparel, KÜHL is continually innovating — introducing proprietary fabrics and game-changing technology to the outdoor apparel market. And all the while, they have stayed fiercely independent, still run by the same group of powder-chasers who brought the original Alf hat to the masses.

After 20 years of designing men’s trousers, KÜHL is upping the ante with its most innovative pants yet. With uncompromising durability and unrestricted stretch, the Resistor Rock Pants are pretty much as versatile as outdoor pants can get — ready for cliffside or curbside adventures. These are the key elements that make the new Resistor Rock Pants a cut above.


1. Stretch without the compromise: When you add stretch to any textile, typically, you have to sacrifice durability. With the Resistor Rock Pant the cotton-nylon blend keeps the fibers tough and ready.
The cotton-nylon ensures that the pants are water-resistant, abrasion-resistant and with a high tear strength.

2. Shape Retention: With a whole lot of stretch, the Resistor Rock Pant can move with you up the mountainside or all week at work. But that is only half the battle. By combining the cotton-nylon twill with KÜHL’s proprietary 3D patterning, the pants retain their shape and won’t bag out after long days of wear and stretch — so they will always look their best.

3. Style and Function: Just because the Resistor Rock Pant is loaded with technical features, doesn’t mean they are slacking off when it comes to styling. With a tapered fit, they won’t look out of place in the city, but they also have a few unique features like a bungee cord with a reflective ribbon at bottom hem, double welt cellphone pockets, and nearly invisible side-entry cargo pockets.

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