Smith’s New Goggle Is Its Most Advanced Yet

With 25 percent more vision than the I/O Mag and Smith’s ChromaPop technology, your vision is not only protected, but enhanced.


When you’re barreling down a mountain at breakneck speeds, vision is everything. You need to see not only what’s in front of you, but what’s in your peripherals as well, and preferably in great detail. The Smith Optics 4D Mag was designed with that goal in mind, and its state-of-the-art BirdsEye Vision technology gives you a 25 percent increase in your field of vision compared to older models. The lenses are built with Smith’s ChromaPop technology, letting you see with a wider range of color and detail. The 4D Mag also features two magnetic locking mechanisms to keep the lenses in place, which allows you to easily change them out depending on light conditions. When you see clearly, you go faster and with more confidence, so you might as well get a goggle that will not just shield your eyes, but enhance them.

Buy Now: $280

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