This Handy Gadget Erases the Nagging Fear of Dropping Your Phone Off a Ski Lift

Koala by Hangtime, an adventure-friendly bungee cord for your phone, has already raised nearly 2,000 percent of its crowdfunding goal.


Dunno about you, but every time we take our phone out on a ski lift to respond to a text or snap a selfie with friends, we’re frozen with fear that we’re gonna sneeze and drop the thing into the snow, never to see it again. To address this concern — and many other potential phone-dropping nightmares — a company called Hangtime is currently crowdfunding the Koala, a foolproof harness that essentially turns your phone into a bungee jumper.

What we love about this solution is its utter simplicity. The camera-friendly silicone harness fits any phone and attaches to a urethane tether that can hold up to 45 pounds and stretch up to four feet. On the other end is a polycarbonate clip with grippy teeth that hold tighter the more you pull on them.

With the blessing of a number of rugged adventurers, the Koala has already raised nearly $200,000 on Indiegogo — or nearly 2,000 percent of its $10,000 its goal — with 10 days to go. Early backers can score a 2-pack for just $25, and it ships next month, just in time for ski season.

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