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BaseCamp Refrigerator & Freezer

Cool Out(doors)


Love camping but hate truly roughing it? BaseCamp’s monster 42-quart Refrigerator/Freezer ($860) plugs right into your car’s 12V DC power system and can keep food/beverages/fresh kills cold at a 0°–45°F in one of two storage bins — leaving you to sit by the fire imagining whether you’d make it as a cowboy in the old west as you house an ice cream sandwich. It’s also equipped with wireless temperature readout, an internal LED light and even a door alarm, just in case the bears have a taste for brewskis too.

The coolest thing about this particular item, though, is how smart it is. One can easily get lost in the majesty of the great outdoors and forget that all the juice from your car’s battery is being sucked into the chilling of your soon-to-be depleted six-pack. Thankfully, the people at BaseCamp installed some tech in the unit that makes sure it shuts off before putting your vehicle below critical levels of power.

Buy Now: $860

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