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The Performance Insole Scientifically Proven to Make You More Explosive

VKTRY Insoles combine aerospace-grade carbon fiber technology with a flexible design — a combo that’s scientifically proven to protect against injury while aiding peak performance.


When we hear “performance footwear,” we tend to think about high-tech shoes, or maybe a good pair of technical socks. But there’s another important piece to the puzzle: insoles, which can be just as vital for achieving peak performance. Professional athletes know this. So does Matt Arciuolo, who invented the VKTRY Performance Insole while working with the US Olympic bobsled and skeleton teams. Arciuolo, a Certified Pedorthist, developed the world’s first performance insole that provides energy return and also protects against turf toe, plantar fasciitis and other injuries. After being tested on a variety of athletes and a wide range of sports, VKTRY Insoles have proved they can help you train and compete at the highest level, too. Here’s how they unleash your athletic potential.

1. The magic of carbon fiber: VKTRY Insoles are made in the USA and are engineered from multiple layers of aerospace-grade carbon fiber. VKTRY Insoles are engineered to pair carbon fiber’s strength and stability with a patented curved design for flexibility. Arciuolo was able to pair carbon fiber’s strength and stability with a patented curved design that stores energy and returns it back to the athlete. “VKs” are available in five degrees of flexibility (levels PRO 2-6) in order to customize the insole to your weight and sport of choice.

2. Scientifically proven to increase performance: Athletes at over 200 pro and college teams are now using VKTRY Insoles because they appreciate the added athletic explosiveness. That’s not just an anecdotal claim: Independent scientific testing with more than 77 athletes over the course of a year found that, during sprint and jump tests, VKTRY Insoles increased explosiveness by 9.3 percent and peak ground force by 8.1 percent. The insoles also helped research participants jump around 4.1 percent higher on average.

3. Injury guard: The scientific testing and observation didn’t end with performance. Over the course of a year, VKTRY found a stunning decrease among NCAA athletes who used its insole: compared to previous seasons, there was a significant reduction in foot and toe injuries with VKs (-22 percent and -41 percent respectively). That’s thanks to the added support, stability and shock absorption – or trampoline effect — of the carbon fiber. No other insole protects like that — especially not while adding peak performance.

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