Sun Flare Systems S.O.S. in a Box

The ray out


Gas powered generators are great but they’re not exactly portable nor convenient. Sun Flare Systems S.O.S in a Box solar powered backup generator systems are compact, powerful and just might save your bacon (and solidify your reputation as “the man”) in an emergency. It’s powered by the sun, thereby not requiring any liquid fuel source, and it’s also emission-free. And if you hate the din of gas-powered generators, you’ll appreciate the S.O.S in a Box’s silent operation. Voila! Your can run this baby in your house unlike the smelly, boisterous old stand by.

With a water resistant closure, complete portability, 111/120 volt 60hz A/C power outlet, 12 volt car adapter and FAA/Airport approval for seamless transport, the S.O.S in a Box puts your mind at ease (but maybe not your wallet). The four available models (Marine R/V, Economy, Commercial Grade and Military Grade) can be a bit steep, with the cheapest model at $1,080). But perhaps you can’t put a price on knowing that you won’t be left utterly helpless when your smartphone, refrigerator and gaming console are bereft of juice and you know just the secret to power up.

Buy Now: $1,080+

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