The New Knife from the James Brand You Will Never Leave at Home

The James Brand’s latest addition to its roster is the grand Clovis knife, which takes its name from one of man’s first tools.


It’s not every day that one of the premier everyday carry knife brands releases a knife like the Clovis. The James Brand certainly doesn’t need any introduction here — since launching in 2014, The James Brand has carved out a niche making enviable, high-quality pocket knives and EDC accessories. Instead of churning out stacks of blades, it has stayed focused on making knives that answer fundamental use cases, and are made with such quality that you’ll be proud to carry and display them. If you look at its knife roster, you will see there are nine models — each thoughtfully designed to achieve their intended purpose.


The James Brand’s latest addition to its lineup is the grand Clovis knife. A Clovis Point, which the knife takes its name from, was one of humanity’s original tools, dating back to the Early Paleoindian period — roughly 13,500 years ago. It’s named after the city of Clovis, New Mexico, where examples were first discovered in 1929. The Clovis was even the inspiration for The James Brand’s own logo — instilling the core tenents of versatility, practicality and hard work the brand is known for. Today, The Clovis is The James Brand’s modern interpretation of that ancient revolutionary Clovis point.

The idea for the Clovis knife came about a few years back and the James Brand has applied all of their design and performance learnings to date in its creation. This modern paired down pocket knife was designed with the wisdom of an heirloom knife and built to last — so it can actually become one. The problem-solving Clovis features a drop point 2.9-inch blade with ceramic ball bearings, thumb stud opening and a button lock. It is also machined and assembled right here in the US by some of the best bladesmiths in the world — par for the course with The James Brand — and comes with a limited lifetime warranty just in case. The Clovis is a bit scarce, with only 300 made, Soon, you will never leave without the Clovis in your back pocket.

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