This Futuristic Jacket Literally Heals Its Own Punctures

No joke: simply rubbing your fingers over the material can repair small holes in seconds.


We know, we know. It sounds like something you’d see in a cheesy infomercial, but it’s true: Coalatree’s new Whistler Self-Healing Windbreaker lives up to its name. A little something called HiloTech Self-Healing Material means that, in the event of a puncture, you can rub your fingers over it and the friction and heat produced actually enables the fabric to adhere back to itself, repairing the damage.

Think of the little hairs on an insect’s legs, which allow it to stick to trees and walls. The Whistler’s specially woven nylon yarns are bit like that, resulting in a Velcro-like interlocking system that’s unfazed by small holes. Note that a huge tear is still gonna be a huge tear, meaning that this tech is, yes, a bit gimmicky, but we think it’s super cool nonetheless.

coalatree jacket gear patrol feature

The featherlight jacket boasts a bunch of other adventure-friendly features too, including five pockets for stashing your stuff, a DWR coating to fend off light rain and packability into its own internal mesh chest pocket when you don’t need it. The Whistler is funding for another 45 hours on Kickstarter, and a pledge of $72 can get you one (shipping March 2020), but act fast: just 19 of 1,000 jackets are left at that early bird price.

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