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Yeti’s Pricey New Cooler Might Be Its Best Yet

Yeti just announced its first new hard-sided cooler since the original.

Sarah Frankie Linder

Yeti will always be known for its coolers. They’re how the company got its start; its founders wanted to create a cooler durable enough to stand on while fishing and ended up with the Tundra. They’re also how the company earned a reputation for unparalleled durability. But in over a decade of operation, Yeti hasn’t made a new hard-sided since its very first (it has, however, iterated on the Tundra during that time). So it’s big news that the company has announced a new, stainless steel-sided, vacuum-insulated cooler called the V Series.

The V Series comes with the bold, superlative claims that Yeti is known for: unprecedented ice retention, incredible durability. Yeti notes that the kitchen-grade steel box, which features a single central stainless steel latch and requisite drain, is a retro nod to the past. At the same time, it combines the tech the company uses to make its vacuum-insulated drinkware with the construction of the original Tundra to create something entirely new.

Sarah Frankie Linder

It should also be noted that the V Series cooler is roughly the same size as its Tundra 45 (think of this as typical ice chest size), but its interior is more in line with the larger Tundra 75. It’s capable of holding 65 pounds of ice — or 46 cans of beer with a 2:1 ice-to-can ratio by volume. That’s thanks to more efficient insulation that not only works better but also allows for thinner walls. It might make the V Series Yeti’s best cooler yet, but at $800, it’s also its most expensive.

The Yeti V Series dropped on December 5.

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