This New Puffer Jacket Is Made of Material Originally Used to Stop AK-47 Bullets

Looking for a tougher puffer? We just found it.

Founded in London by twin brothers Nick and Steve Tidball just a few years ago, Vollebak has already staked a compelling claim to being one of the most innovative and original adventure gear brands on the planet. (You don’t win design awards from the likes of Time, Wired and Fast Company by sitting on your hands, after all.) So when the guys claim to have made the world’s toughest puffer jacket — fittingly dubbed The Indestructible Puffer — we’re inclined to believe.

What makes this garment stand out? It all starts with the strongest fiber ever created (one that happens to have a terrible press agent), Dyneema. If you are familiar with this ultralight material, it’s most likely thanks to Hyperlite Mountain Gear, which makes literally all its bombproof packs and tents from the stuff.

Anyway, the entire exterior of Vollebak’s Puffer is made from 100 percent Dyneema Black, which was originally used in body armor and tank panels to stop AK-47 bullets and anti-tank projectiles. It also gets tougher the colder it gets. That means this jacket can stand up to anything jagged rocks, branches and club bouncers can throw at you, while also teaming with recycled plastic insulation to keep you warm all way down to minus-40 degrees Celsius.

In addition, this jacket boasts all the technical details you’d expect, such as heavy-duty two-way zippers, military-grade belt tape at the wrists and an adjustable hood lined with soft-brushed fabric (like the rest of the garment) for optimal comfort.

Now, does all that toughness come at a price? You bet ya. The Indestructible Jacket clocks in right around a grand. But considering your grandkids will probably be able to wear it, that just might be a bargain.

Buy Now: $995

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