Duke Harper No. 1 Bike Build

Harper's Sleekly

Duke Harper

Custom bikes are all the rage these days. Heck, we’ve even put our own version together. This latest Duke Harper No. 1 Bike Build is so slick, it might even qualify as a mobile work of art. Built in London, this custom bike is about as fancy as it gets. Essentially, everything about this fixie is old school.

The vintage French steel track bike frame has been powdercoated in black and laquered to a brand new sheen. Vintage Italian Raimondi chrome forks are fore and aft, vintage Campagnolo Grand Sport crankset, vintage Italian Milremo stem… you get the idea. The beautiful spartan Nitto track bars and Brooks saddle, along with Japanese Panaracer Pasela track tires round out this stunner. All of this two-wheeled magnificence makes the ~$2,031 seem like a downright bargain.

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