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This Week in Gear: June 1 – 5, 2015

A look back at an entire week’s worth of gear.


Good morning, and welcome to the latest edition of This Week in Gear — your single-shot serving of an entire week’s worth of killer new gear pulled from our weekday editions of Today in Gear. Bookmark it to peruse over Sunday football and start your Monday completely up to speed. Here’s to another fantastic week.


Dainese D|air Racing Misano Suit
The absence of seat belts already puts motorcyclists at risk, amid everything else. Dainese, inventors of the knee slider and back protector, are finally bringing their racing-bred airbag technology to the US with the Misano suit. Its back hump houses sensors, accelerometers and GPS to track its rider’s movement and deploys an airbag when an imminent crash is detected. The airbag inflates in 45 milliseconds and is designed to protect the neck, shoulders and collarbone. $2,499

Jackson Cannon Bar Knife
Bartenders know that wine keys, bottle openers and cheap bar tools break all the time. Jackson Cannon’s Bar Knife is hand edged, made from carbon stainless steel with a handle made from Sabilized Cocobolo, a tropical hardwood known for water resistance. Its flush back edge is great for scraping counters and has a precision square edge for cutting fruit and garnishes, (also great for fending off unruly patrons). $79

Toad&Co. Sojourner Jacket
It’s always important to have a wind and rainproof jacket in your wardrobe to pull out in a pinch. Toad & Co’s Sojourner Jacket is lightweight and can be stuffed into its own pocket for compact storage. And where other waterproof jackets look like they’re made from trash bags, the Sojourner Jacket is soft and breathable, making it a solid choice even if the sun is out. $119

Bombay Sapphire Star of Bombay Gin
If the gin the flight attendants dish out has never met your jet-set standards, Bombay Sapphire Star of Bombay is here to fill the void. The small-batch release is exclusively available via duty-free retail and is distilled with Italian Bergamot orange peel and Ambrette Seed from Ecuador, on top of their original botanical aromas. bombaysapphire.com

Fortified Payback
No one said cycling in the city was easy. Fortified at least wants to give you peace of mind in knowing your saddle won’t be stolen. Their Payback seatpost clamp is a lightweight aluminum clamp utilizing theft-deterring custom screws, with a lifetime guarantee that your saddle will never be stolen. If it does, Fortified will get you a new saddle all together. $25

Epaulet Sport Trainers
Retro chic done right is a hard find in athletic shoes. Luckily, the Epaulet Sport Trainer hits the mark. In keeping the slim lines and clean shape of its inspiration, the ‘70s West German Army athletic shoe, and using Italian full-grain leather, it stands a step above the rest. $225

Woolrich Continental Divide Trail Jacquard Blanket
Ultralight camping and hiking leave little room for luxury — but at the very least you can allow yourself a comfy blanket like Woolrich’s new offering, named after the iconic long-distance hiking trail. The 40 x 60-inch blanket features cozy 95 percent fine-grade wool and a minimal illustration of the Continental Divide. $185

Snowpeak Men’s Summer Collection
On and off the trail, Snowpeak’s new summer collection offers guaranteed comfort, with rain-, wind- and fireproof jackets and pants up for grabs alongside more casual fare, like double-gauze button-downs, tees, shorts and more. snowpeak.com

HidrateMe Water Bottle
With this recently Kickstarted smart bottle, you can measure your daily hydration via an app that communicates with sensors in the bottle, which essentially track the amount of water that enters and leaves. The bottle glows softly to remind you to drink up; it’s also BPA free, leakproof, holds 710mL of liquid and retains a year of battery life. But if that doesn’t impress you, you can stick to keeping tabs on the color of your pee. hidrate.me

Wanderlust Nourishing Lip Balm
Your lips need to stay hydrated, too — and Red Flower’s Wanderlust lip balm goes beyond hydration with a blend of beeswax, olive oil, sweet almond oil and vitamin e, along with whole essential oils from hinoki cedarwood and gurjum balsam trees. $5

National Geographic Mediterranean Photo Bag
Whether your interests as a photographer bring you to the Continental Divide or to Broadway, your bag should match your ambitions. Appropriately, National Geographic and Manfrotto’s new line of photo bags features everything from holsters to backpacks, each in deep blue canvas offset by stripes, an ochre leather trim and the iconic NatGeo yellow. Every item in the line can hold a DSLR, lenses and a range of different accessories. manfrotto.us

Fortified Bicycle Aviator + Afterburner Bike Lights
If what they say is “nothing is forever”, then what makes Fortified Bicycle’s new bike lights the exception? According to the brand, custom bolts, aluminum fuselages that make the lights water- and shockproof, and USB-rechargeable batteries that, thanks to heightened circuit efficiency, last up to 40 hours on a single charge. The 30- to 300-lumen lights fit on 22 to 32mm handlebars. Bike safe. $99 (bundled)

Bluelounge Portiko
Sharing is caring, especially when it comes to charging electronics. The Portiko creates a work hub ideal for two travel companions. The device is a 6-foot extension cord packed with two 110V outlets and two USB ports. Yes, you can charge two laptops and two iPhones at the same time — from one outlet. $25

Vanilla Speedvagen Urban Racer
Remember the time you rode that coaster brake bike and laid down a sweet skid in front of Tammy DiMarco? Well, steel bike empresario Sacha White and his crew at Vanilla bikes are bringing that feeling back with the new Speedvagen Urban Racer. This stripped-down, steel-tubed single-speed city bike is the perfect tool for commuting, cruising or catching air in front of admiring onlookers. Sure, the base model is just south of $5k, but that doesn’t make you want it any less. thevanillaworkshop.com

Go off the grid, get dirty and nasty, then wash off before getting back in your car. The RinseKit is a portable wash-off station that stores two gallons of water, provides 4 minutes of pressurized spray, and can hold its pressure for weeks at a time. As small as a lunch box (17 x 12 x 14 inches), the device comes with a hose nozzle, a 6-foot hose and an adaptor to hook it up to your garden spigot. $90

Liberty Bottleworks Straight Up Bottle
Make your Straight Up Bottle the perfect water bottle for you. Choose its size (16, 24 or 32 ounces), color (there are 22), and type of cap. Then take it everywhere with you. Each bottle is American made out of recycled 3003 aluminum coils and finished with a BPA-free coating. So it’s tough as nails, environmentally sustainable and (most importantly) will keep you hydrated. $21+

Private White V.C. Ventile Combat Travel Blazer
Why wouldn’t you want the ultimate travel blazer? Private White V.C.’s is completely woven with cotton Ventile, is completely waterproof and has two RIRI zippered internal pockets that can both fit and protect tablets. Bottom line: it’s travel friendly and will make you look like 007 (Daniel Craig, not George Lazenby). ~$760 ()

Search and State S1-Aloha Jersey
For fans of Search and State’s S1-A cycling jersey, the brand has released an identical jersey inspired by Hawaii. Available today, this limited edition shirt is technical, durable and evokes the lighthearted spirit of summer. $155

Pagnol M2 Jacket
Similar to the M1, the Pagnol M2 Motorcycle Jacket is designed for the rider who sweats the details. Offering full body ventilation, elongated sleeves, a collarless neck and integrated armor panels in the shoulders, elbows and back, this jacket’s styled safety features make it one of the cleanest jackets out there. $625

Spy x Richer Poorer Trancas
Released today, Spy’s collaboration with Richer Poorer, Trancas, is the latest addition to their Crosstown Collection. These shades feature a recognizable pattern from Richer Poorer and Spy’s Happy Lens, which allows the sun’s good rays (long-wave blue light) to reach your eyes. Constructed from handmade acetate, sturdy five-barrel hinges and 100 percent protection from harmful UV rays, this “therapeutic eyewear” is the first of its kind. $160

J.Crew Men in Cities Bracelet Collection
Assembled by hand in New York City using shatter-resistant recycled glass beads, J.Crew‘s Men in Cities Bracelet collection is an understated addition to your daily wardrobe. Easy to wear and even easier to maintain, these bracelets make men’s jewelry a little less intimidating. $40

Alex Mill Field Shirt
Inspired by the vintage simplicity of the army uniform, Alex Mill’s Field Shirt features a relaxed collar and a double flap pocket design. A seamless pairing with jeans, shorts, or slacks, this field shirt easily doubles as an overshirt for those windy summer nights on the coast. $155

Living the Remote Dream
Living the Remote Dream delivers “practical, actionable advice on how to pivot your career into a remote one.” Darren Murph offers step-by-step guidance to enable you to travel, spend more time with family, and be more productive away from your desk. For those looking into a new career, this read is for you. $9

Kalon Simple Bed
Constructed in the USA from domestic ash hardwood, the Simple Bed frame is a Mid-Century-inspired frame detailed with brass hardware and rounded joints. The bed’s natural materials are sustainably sourced and finished with toxin-free hemp seed oil, good for both you and the environment. $1,600

Google Photos
Google’s new standalone platform, Google Photos, allows individuals to backup and store high-quality photos and videos (maintaining 16MP for photos, 1080p high definition for video) across your multitude of devices for easy access and sharing. Currently available for Android, iOS and web use, the app also allows users to quickly edit and adjust a photo’s color and lighting, or create collages, animations and movies with soundtracks. Free

Tanner Goods Natural Cordovan Watch Straps
The Portland-based craftsmen at Tanner Goods are revered for their attention to quality and detail when it comes to leather goods, such as wallets and bags. Now the brand’s ventured into timekeeping with two new watch straps, the NATO and Single Pass, made of Horween leather and cut from 4/5-ounce natural cordovan. Each strap is sewn by hand and outfitted with custom stainless steel hardware. $100+

Adidas Samba Modern Classic
Introduced in 1950, the Samba trainer is one of Adidas’ most iconic silhouettes, second only to Stan Smith in terms of global sales. With many offshoots over the years, the brand continues its lineage with the new Samba Modern Classic, available in five different colorways and constructed with an understated canvas upper and suede toe overlay. Though Adidas drops the leather side stripes here, the integration of a gum sole pays tribute to the Samba’s beloved pedigree. $65

Buck Mason Short Sleeve Henley
Selling directly to consumers through their web store, Buck Mason is able to keep prices low for their high-end menswear essentials. The newest addition to the brand’s catalogue is a short-sleeve henley with banded sleeves. Made in the USA from start to finish, the shirt is constructed from supple pima cotton and available in classic one-tone colors, including white, black and army green. $45

Chaco OutCross Evo 1
Just in time for summer, Chaco has unveiled its new OutCross Evo line, which includes three new amphibian-style shoes that cross seamlessly from water to trail. With a double-layer mesh upper and protective rubber toe caps, the Evo 1 model strikes that versatile middle ground between barefoot construction and support with protection. $110

Beardbrand Urban Garden Beard Oil
Beard oils are dominated by dark, woodsy fragrances, which are appropriate for fall and winter, but suffocating during warmer months. Not a brand to forsake the hygienic advantages of a well conditioned beard, Beardbrand have launched the Urban Garden scented beard oil, with crisp notes of cucumber and anise, lightweight enough to outfit facial hair through spring and summer. Beard on. $15
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