UVU Jungle Marathon

Rumble in the Jungle


Tired of pounding out local 5K charity runs? Well, you’ve still got a couple of weeks to register for the 2012 UVU Jungle Marathon, which starts October 4th in the Brazilian Amazon. As you can infer, this is no ordinary 26.2 mile slog. Runners get the (seemingly easy) choice of completing either a six-stage, 149-mile or four-stage, 62-mile course through jungle paths. As an added bonus, you’ll have to wade across rivers, dodge snakes/giant insects and survive the extreme heat and wilting humidity. Other than the occasional water stop, the race is entirely self-supported, meaning you have to carry all your own provisions, including a hammock and mosquito net for nightly rest stops.

For the privilege of taking part in this grueling punishment, you pay £2,000 (~$3,200). The prize for winning? A trophy. The sick part of all of this is, we know a few of you out there are thinking about giving it a try. If you’re just as nuts but would rather add drowning and crashing to your list of violent death possibilities, consider the Ironman.

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