This New Knife Should Be Standard Issue for Stormtroopers

CRKT updated one of the most innovative knives of the year.


The Provoke is no ordinary pocket knife. Created by knife designer Joe Caswell and made by CRKT, it’s a morphing karambit, which means that, with a well-placed nudge, the knife transforms from a hunk of metal to a fully functional blade in an instant. The unique system works with one hand, and without sacrificing grip on the handle. It’s perhaps the most innovative knife of the year, and today, CRKT revealed a new version of the Provoke, just in time for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

The new Provoke isn’t officially associated with the Star Wars franchise – it doesn’t use any logos, and it doesn’t make an appearance in the upcoming film – but its name and aesthetics make for an unmistakable homage. The new version is called Imperial White, and taking into account the imaginative mechanism that makes the Provoke unique, it’s exactly the type of blade that might come standard issue for First Order Stormtroopers.

There’s more to the new paint job than Star Wars flair though. To create a quality finish, CRKT used the brightest white ceramic coating it could find. It’s exceptionally hard, abrasion-resistant and doesn’t add to the knife’s weight. The Provoke already functioned as if it came from a distant intergalactic realm; now it looks like it too.

Buy Now: $200

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