These New Goggles from Oakley Will Change the Way You See the Slopes

The Fall Line XL is the latest addition to Oakley’s Line Series of cylindrical style snow goggles — which are optimized for a wide variety of faces.


Oakley has been making some of the best snow goggles since 1975, and its new Fall Line XL is no exception. Taking its name from the line down a mountain that is most directly downhill, the Fall Line XL is the latest addition to Oakley’s Line Series of cylindrical-style snow goggles. These are optimized for a wide variety of faces and are engineered to fit perfectly with most helmets. Thanks to Oakley’s Ridgelock Technology, you can also change the lenses with ease. We took a look behind the lenses of the Fall Line XL to see what makes them one of the best pairs you can get. You can also give them a test run down the mountain at Oakley Week — taking place in Whistler (Feb 13 – 16) and Mammoth (March 25 – 29). There you will be able to ride with Team Oakley athletes while testing Oakley’s latest offerings.

1. Wider View: Inspired by Oakley’s Line Miner and fusing the large field of view from a rimless goggle, the Fall Line XL is optimized for a wide variety of faces and guarantees an expansive field of vision.

2. Prizm Lenses for Any Weather: Prizm is engineered to dramatically enhance detail and help improve performance. The technology works by providing ultra-precise color tuning — like with the Prizm Snow Persimmon lens which is perfect for heavy snow and overcast weather conditions.

3. Ridgelock Technology: Fall Line XL includes Ridgelock Technology makes changing lenses quick and easy so you can also be kitted out exactly for the weather conditions at hand — and you won’t need to worry about harsh conditions slipping through the lens seal either.

Buy Now: $160

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