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Davek Golf Umbrella

If The US Postal Service Played Golf, This Would Be Their Umbrella.


When Gear Patrol decided to test out The Davek Golf, the newest umbrella from Davek, my emotions ran the full gamut. First I was excited, as GP has covered the Davek Solo and found it quite keen. Then I realized that a true product test would require my venturing out into adverse weather conditions. Sigh. Such is the life of a Gear Patrol editor.

It’s guaranteed to endure 60 mph gale-force winds. You, on the other hand, have no such guarantee.

The Golf features a 60″ arc-diameter canopy (crafted from a 190-thread count microweave fabric), a fiberglass shaft, and an auto open button on the handle. While those features are nice, the true innovation lies in Davek’s duplex frame. While other companies have touted “gust buster” technology in their umbrellas, Davek had theirs wind-tunnel tested at M.I.T. It’s guaranteed to endure 60 mph gale-force winds. You, on the other hand, have no such guarantee. The secret is that each section of their dual-canopy frame has it’s own rib structure. They’re not connected. So when a gust of wind hits (oh, and it will), the upper canopy simply flexes upwards to increase ventilation, then resets to provide zero-leak protection. I’ve had other golf umbrellas and each has inevitably broken at exactly the point where the two canopies meet. Bah.


My favorite feature of the Golf is the anchor spike hidden the in the handle. You heard me, this bad boy has a hidden spike. Simply equip, spike into ground, swing club, retrieve umbrella, and be on your way with minimal effort and wetness. There are few thing more unpleasant than getting soaked on the golf course.

The Davek Golf, or should I say I, survived an outing during the recent nor’easter that ripped through New York City. I was never less bothered by torrential rains and 40 mph winds. The poor saps next to me, not so much. While this wasn’t a golf outing, it did prove one thing to me. I’m done with unreliable golf store umbrellas, Davek has earned a place in my bag.


Editor’s Note: Davek umbrellas are protected by their famous unconditional lifetime guarantee. If, during it’s lifetime, the umbrella should fail to function properly, Davek will gladly repair or replace it at no cost (except shipping).

Cost: $79

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