We Just Had to Show You How Light the New Hydro Flask Is

On long treks, every little ounce counts. That’s why Hydro Flask is trying to lighten your load.


On long treks, every ounce counts. That’s why Hydro Flask is lightening your load. The brand’s Trail Series™ ushers in a new era in lightweight insulated bottles — it offers all of the same benefits as Hydro Flask’s original bottles in a lighter package. The engineers and designers were able to radically reduce the weight of the Trail Series without compromising the high quality and durability you have come to expect. They achieved this by thinning the 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel walls of the bottle to help reduce weight while maintaining durability. All the while, the TempShield® double-wall vacuum insulation keeps your hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold (for 12 and 24 hours respectively). Even the Honeycomb™ insulated cap and perforated strap cut down on weight, shaving off considerable ounces when compared to its original series of bottles.

The 24 oz Trail Series weighs a meager 9.9 ounces. That stat may be hard to visualize, so we put it next to some outdoor essentials that weigh the same amount, from a last-minute rain jacket to tools for any camper, so you can see how light the Trail Series™ truly is. The dropped ounces mean you have more opportunities to pack things you wouldn’t otherwise. You can bring the Trail Series on any outdoor adventure — long or short — and know you aren’t taking a weight penalty thanks to your water bottle. So no matter if you’re going on a day hike or just want to shed a bit of weight from your commuter kit, the Hydro Flask Trail Series can be your companion.

Buy Now: $45 (24oz) Buy Now: $50 (32oz)



Now, you don’t have to compromise between hydration and your inner Thoreau.


Always better safe than sorry with a multitool and match safe — handy for anything nature throws at you.


Never miss a shot while on the trail, and you can still keep that pesky smartphone tucked away.


You never know when weather will come your way, so now you can be prepared even if the forecast is all clear.

The Hydro Flask Trail Series™

The Hydro Flask Lightweight Trail Series™ is available in a 24oz and 32oz size and three colorways; Obsidian, Slate and Clay. Perfect for any outdoor activity, the lightweight stainless steel bottle frees you up to carry more of what you want and keeps your water cold on the trail. Buy Now: $45 (24oz) | Buy Now: $50 (32oz)

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