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I Found the Perfect Pants to Work from Home In

Foehn is a master of producing clothing that crosses social norm borders, and its new pants are perfect for working at home without feeling like a schlub.


We’ve all heard that old joke about working from home: that, you know, you never have to put on pants. I’ve never found the notion compelling, and now that my office rotates between my kitchen, living room and bedroom, I’ve realized that the choice isn’t one between pants or no pants at all. Really, the issue concerns the kind of pants you wear — a soft/stretchy/cozy pair or the regular old office-appropriates. Most work-from-home philosophies advise that, to maintain sanity, we should dress as we would for a day at the office. But I’ve found a compromise — a pair of sleek joggers — and a small brand called Foehn just released the perfect pair.

Foehn is a master of producing clothing that crosses social norm borders. The Quebec-based brand claims rock climbing as the purpose of its clothing, but it refuses to let style become a casualty in producing its limited collection. (Not long ago, I fell in love with its flagship climbing pants; I’ve yet to scale anything steeper than stairs while wearing them.)

The Brise Jogger follows that line — its four-way stretch fabric is breathable, and its cut tapers to slim for working out, running and, yes, rock climbing. But what really matters is that, should you need to go out for an errand or accidentally stand up during a video meeting, you’ll appear put-together. And, hopefully, you’ll feel that way too.

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