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It ain't cheap, but it gets the job done -- well. | Bush Smarts

Holding on to heritage for dear life while still being picky about efficiency, quality and practicality is taking the tough path — but produces the kind of results we dig. Bush Smarts, a New York-based builder, designer and sourcer of prime camp gear, has created a library of outdoor gear that eschews flash and gimmick for down-in-the-dirt usefulness. The small company’s founders, John Davison and Kevin Sterling, have built a lineup of 70+ products for building the perfect camp, stowing gear on the run or chopping up a slapdash stew. They’ve done it thoughtfully — attacking problems via both innovation and tradition — and they’ve done it with the true outdoorsman in mind. Bush Smarts products aren’t cheap, but what you buy is sturdier than just about anything else on the market (often made with both fine oiled leather and modern-tech materials like Cuben fabric and aerospace-grade titanium) and it does its damn job. Just like you, right?

Our Picks: Bear Star Line Thrower ($85) | Cuben Bear Bag ($80) | Grizzly Line Tensioner ($40) | Titanium Tent Pegs and Sheath ($40) | Band-it (set of 3 $18)

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