This CBD Sports Supplements Brand Will Pay for Your Most Punishing Workout Video

Champions + Legends is offering $1,000 per-week to winners of its Weekly Warrior Challenge, while saving sore losers with its 100% certified organic CBD products.


There’s a strange sense of pride that comes from waking up the morning after an especially epic workout and feeling so sore that it takes you thirty minutes just to roll out of bed. It’s a unique accomplishment — past you has whooped present you’s ass in an effort to turn future you into the fittest you yet. Must be nice for future you…

As for present you, sports supplements brand Champions + Legends is releasing a line of custom formulated products featuring 100% all-natural CBD that just might help take the edge off some of that superlative soreness. Its range of tinctures, softgels, oral sprays and muscle creams offer a host of benefits from pain management to improved concentration to keep your body in tip-top shape. And if you find yourself thinking, “that’s all well and good, but how am I supposed to break a sweat while being quarantined in my apartment all day?” well, the brand thought of that too. Champions + Legends is currently hosting its Weekly Warrior Challenge to inspire athletes around the country to keep crushing it at home. To enter for a chance to win one of the brand’s weekly $1,000 prizes (or a $25,000 grand prize), all you have to do is film a 60-second clip of your hardest workout and submit it online. Surely you’ve got a minute somewhere in your day, don’t you?

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