This Customizable Pocketknife is The Perfect Gift For Father’s Day

Still looking for a Father’s Day gift? Get a custom-tattooed pocketknife shipped in less than 48 hours, with free shipping on all orders of $89 or more.


There are two types of dads out there: DIY Dad is all about practicality — he loves hand tools and shortcuts; whereas Sentimental Dad loves virtually everything, but especially homemade gifts like that macaroni picture-frame you made for him in kindergarten class. Yet for all the diversity among dads, there is only one type of gift that’s guaranteed to be a papa-pleaser: a gift both practical and personal — like one of Deejo’s customizable pocketknives. Not only can you can choose everything from the handle material to the blade weight and finish, you can customize and tattoo your own design on the blade through the MyDeejo online platform or add an engraving as a final touch. It’s the kind of gift your dad will use everyday, as well as the kind that will always have sentimental value — and right now Deejo is shipping all orders in less than 48 hours with free shipping on any purchase of $89 or more.

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