The Buckle by Bettinardi Golf

Custom Designed Belt Buckles Offer Personalized Style


Since 1990, Robert J. Bettinardi has been crafting some of the finest putters in the market. Now Bettinardi Golf is turning that renowned workmanship toward a new medium: belt buckles.

The Buckle begins as a solid block of high-grade, double-aged stainless steel (DASS) before passing through a series of 12 processes. Only then can it be called a Bettinardi Buckle.

Bettinardi Golf must be doing something right, as seen by their increasing popularity on the PGA Tour. Notably, Bettinardi’s wares were most recently worn by ’09 Masters Champion Angel Cabrera.

A custom designed Bettinardi buckle comes in two sizes: Standard (1-¼”) & Large (1-½”). The Buckle is paired with a Herman Oak Bridle Leather Belt and is available in black, brown, and white leathers. A custom designed, handcrafted belt buckle may be a little pricey, but The Buckle embodies what we at Gear Patrol hold most dear: unique style and undeniable quality. This is a purchase that will be with you for the rest of your golfing (or any other) days.

Cost: $175

Click here for the Bettinardi Buckle brochure.


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