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Want the Perfect Summer Shorts? Get These

Summer can throw everything at you in a single day: hiking, running, swimming, casual dinner parties.

taylor stitch adventure short

In the winter, dressing for the day is a complex order of operations: base layer, mid-layer, jacket, maybe another jacket. Summer is far simpler, and if you’re holding the right cards, you can play one hand that works for any game. What we’re trying to say is that you can wear one thing all the time and get away with it, and Taylor Stitch’s Adventure Short is a serious contender in this arena.

The promise of the Adventure Short is plain and powerful: it does everything. It hikes, runs, rides, swims and attends casual get-togethers. It can do all of these things because it has a water-repellent finish, drainage holes in its pockets and a classic cut. And unlike other shorts that claim versatility prowess, like Patagonia Baggies, the Adventure Short doesn’t look ultra-techy. The fabric that Taylor Stitch chose for it is heavier and holds its form, but does include a bit of Spandex for stretch and a waistband with an elastic rear, which come in handy when you overeat at a summer potluck.

Bonus: The rust, navy and tiger camo colorways are all not only available but also 20 percent off right now.

Price: $88 $70.40


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