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A Timed Spin On Cufflinks By Guest Writer Mark Arevalo Mechanical beauty. Eric and Anthony may like their Panerai Luminors.

A Timed Spin On Cufflinks


By Guest Writer Mark Arevalo

Mechanical beauty.

Eric and Anthony may like their Panerai Luminors. I prefer my Rolex Oyster. Brian actually has both, Patrick is a Victorinox man, and Ben? Well Ben uses a sundial. Either way, you get my point. Whatever the flavor, we at Gear Patrol appreciate quality time pieces. It’s not just because they look good, but because quality hand craftsmanship just isn’t readily available in this world of mass-produced foreign goods.

Enter Ricky Wolbrom, the proprietor and designer behind Watch-Cufflinks. Ricky takes time pieces to the next level by displaying the artistry behind the watch face… its mechanical beauty.

Starting her career in New York’s diamond district Wolbrom soon realized the beauty of watches reside in the inner workings of vintage watches. Inside each hand crank or automatic time piece is a work of art complete with precious metals and stones. Ricky displays this artistry as the centerpiece for rings, cufflinks, and tie tacs. Just take a look at the pictures and you’ll understand the quality and craftsmanship that went in these pieces.


The cufflinks you see here were once the heart of mechanical masterpieces. Now they’ll add instant class and uniqueness to your shirt, suit, or tuxedo. Want more than cufflinks? Wolbrom also has a full line of varying products on her site.

Oh, and be sure to keep eyes on the Gear Patrol, there might just be an extra pair floating around our offices ready to end up in your hands and on your wrist.

More photos by Nick Perry after the jump.

Cost: $85-$550 @ Watch Cufflinks



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