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The 50 Best American-Made Style Brands

From boots to denim to everyday carry, these 50 brands display the best home-grown talent from coast to coast.


Last Updated March, 2020: This post has been updated with new picks for 2020.

Made in America. Those three words carry weight, now more than ever. Our country’s identity was forged and stitched by generations of makers, but over our short history, that identity’ changed. Now, most of us are consumers. The professions that built our nation shipped offshore to fuel our propensity for product. It’s no secret we consume at an alarming pace — imports of foreign goods and services topped $253.9 billion in January 2020 alone.

The good news is, many Americans still side with the home team, when given the chance. Instead of competing on price, our homegrown goods trumpet craftsmanship, engineering and pride as driving principles behind better products. There’s a sense of pride when reading Made in USA on a shirt tag, branded deep into a wallet or on the inside of a leather boot. Here’s where you can find the best brands still forging and stitching away.


Red Wing Shoe Company

Founded: 1905
Headquarters: Red Wing, MN
For over a century, some of the world’s toughest boots have called Red Wing, Minnesota home. Originally designed to handle the harsh conditions of the mining, logging and forestry industries, Red Wing’s boots also offered a comfortable footbed — a rarity in 1905. Today, the Red Wing Heritage collection continues those founding traditions with a line of footwear still made to the same standards, all handcrafted in Minnesota.

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Founded: 1989
Headquarters: Hermosa Beach, CA
Founded by Yuki Matsuda, Yuketen is the champion of skilled craftsmen. Its American-made boots are crafted in Maine using traditional hand-sewn techniques. The resulting boots show off a heritage process merged with top-quality materials and updated designs.

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Alden Shoe Co.

Founded: 1884
Headquarters: Middleborough, MA
Alden Shoe Co. is known as America’s premier dress shoe brand. Famous for producing coveted shell cordovan shoes, inventing the now-classic tassel loafer and outfitting Harrison Ford throughout the Indiana Jones movies, the American shoemaker’s chops have range.

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Also Notable
Wolverine | Rockford, MI | Est. 1883
Danner | Portland, OR | Est. 1932
New Balance | Boston, MA | Est. 1906
Russell Moccasin Co. | Berlin, WI | Est. 1898
Rancourt & Co. | Lewiston, ME | Est. 1967
Truman Boot Company | Boulder, CO | Est. 2014
Oak Street Bootmakers | Chicago, IL | Est. 2010
White’s Boots | Spokane, WA | Est. 1920



Founded: 1897
Headquarters: Seattle, WA
Terms like Tin Cloth and Mackinaw wool may seem alien were it not for Filson. Proudly made in Seattle, Washington, Filson has cemented a reputation for constructing consumer goods that can stand the test of time, almost welcoming punishment and mistreatment. Their clothing, bags and gear continue to exceed expectation whether in the backcountry or being kicked along a TSA lineup.

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Lady White Co.

Founded: 2015
Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA
Phillip Proyce’s Lady White Co. is a California brand, top to bottom. For his vintage-inspired t-shirts, the cotton comes from Northern California, the fabric is milled and woven in Southern California, the recycled paper packaging is screen printed in Southern California and the shirts are cut and sewn in Los Angeles. Lady White’s other products include a range of vintage sportswear-inspired products like crewneck sweatshirts and socks.

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Engineered Garments

Founded: 2002
Headquarters: New York, NY
Helmed by Japanese designer Daiki Suzuki, Engineered Garments is a favorite among the fashion cognoscenti for its twisted takes on Americana. Its Bedford Jacket has been hailed as a modern-day classic, with its perfected balance of tailoring and workwear. But the brand is looked to for its playful use of patchwork and exaggerated utility, often exhibiting pieces with literally dozens of pockets.

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Also Notable
Hamilton Shirts | Houston, TX | Est. 1883
Schott NYC | New York, NY | Est. 1913
American Trench | Ardmore, PA | Est. 2008
Battenwear | Brooklyn, NY | Est. 2011
3sixteen | Los Angeles, CA | Est. 2003
Martin Greenfield Clothiers | Brooklyn, NY | Est. 1977
Gitman Vintage | Ashland, PA | Est. 2009



Founded: 2011
Headquarters: New York, NY
Before starting 3×1, Scott Morrison founded Paper Denim & Cloth in ‘99 and Earnest Sewn in 2004. The brand’s boutique features a wide range of ready-to-wear denim, but specializes in making custom jeans for its clients. Pick from over 900 selvedge denims and have a pattern made just for you — sure, it’s expensive. But there’s nothing else quite like it.

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Founded: 2009
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Founded by Tony Patella and Pete Searson, Tellason’s line of premium denim goods is made in the heart of San Francisco using American-made components, from the denim to the sewing threads to the buttons. The duo designs wardrobe staples from five-pocket jeans to trucker jackets, denim shirting in addition to chinos, sweats and button-ups.

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Raleigh Denim Workshop

Founded: 2007
Headquarters: Raleigh, NC
Based in its namesake city of Raleigh, North Carolina, Raleigh Denim has been making waves in jeans since its inception in 2007. The products are cut and stitched without the aid of automated assistance — the old-school way, as they should be, by a hard-working team of expert American jean smiths.

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Also Notable
W.H. Ranch Dungarees | Kansas City, MO | Est. 2011
Shockoe Atelier | Richmond, VA | Est. 2012
Grease Point Workwear | Portland, OR | Est. 2013
Freenote | San Juan Capistrano, CA | Est. 2012
Glenn’s Denim | Brooklyn, NY. 2009
Left Field NYC | Brooklyn, NY | Est. 1998


Lotuff Leather

Founded: 2009
Headquarters: Providence, RI
“Perfection” is a term that gets tossed around far too often these days. But for the men and women working in Lotuff Leather’s New England workshops, perfection is the ultimate goal. The vegetable-tanned, natural and uncorrected hides are cut and prepared by hand to deliver an exquisitely crafted, luxurious legacy product — which Lotuff backs with a lifetime warranty.

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Founded: 1917
Headquarters: Naples, FL
Founded in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1917 by Russian immigrant Max Korchmar, the company started with visors for automotive headlights before it shifted to briefcases and luggage. It made products for the Army and Air Force during both WWI and WWII, and, more recently, has contract manufactured for some of the world’s best luggage brands. To put it plainly, its in-house line of bags offers one of the best values in the industry.

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Joshu + Vela

Founded: 2010
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
With Joshu + Vela, Noah Guy offers a range of minimalist bags crafted from durable canvas and leather. Inspired by classic designs, the bags are made to stand up to daily use, getting better with every passing year. The brand’s backpacks and totes are standout pieces that could be incorporated into anyones weekly rotation.

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Also Notable
Duluth Pack | Duluth, MN | Est. 1882
Goruck | Jacksonville Beach, FL | Est. 2008
Ghurka | Norwalk, CT | Est. 1975
Mission Workshop | San Francisco, CA | Est. 2009
Kletterwerks | Bozeman, MT | Est. 1975
Vermilyea Pelle | Spokane, WA | Est. 2008
MIS | Los Angeles, CA | Est. 2014



Founded: 2009
Headquarters: Portland, OR
Grovemade makes a wide range of functional well-designed pieces for the home and everyday use. Standout EDC pieces include a minimalist folding knife, a compact bifold wallet and an understated key ring. If you love understated design and quality materials, this is the brand for you.

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Randolph Engineering

Founded: 1972
Headquarters: Randolph, MA
The story behind Randolph Engineering is a fine example of the American dream still coming true in the later part of the 20th century. Founded by newly landed Polish immigrants in 1972 in Randolph, Massachusetts, the Waszkiewicz and Zaleski families continue to produce incredibly crafted eyewear that exudes iconic American style; just ask any flyboy.

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Tanner Goods

Founded: 2006
Headquarters: Portland, OR
Tanner Goods gave a serious kickstart to the Made in USA movement, particularly in the leather goods space. Building upon well-made leather wallets, belts and everyday carry, the Portland-based brand has expanded to multiple locations and continues to inspire other independent leathermakers.

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Also Notable
Shinola | Detroit, MI | Est. 2012
Lowercase | New York, NY | Est. 2016
Case | Bradford, PA | Est. 1889
The James Brand | Portland, OR | Est. 2012
J.W. Hulme | St. Paul, MN | Est. 1905
Poglia & Co. | Brooklyn, NY | Est. 2008
Craighill | New York, NY | Est. 2015

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