For Your Next Pair of Sunglasses, Try Natural Horn

Separate yourself from acetate and plastic.


In a sunglasses market built around uniform mass-produced frames, natural horn sunglasses offer a different standard — individuality. Carved from a single piece of horn, usually water buffalo or bull, each frame features unique variations in color and striping. Translucent dark and light sections contrast in ripple patterns giving an appearance that is both striking and refined. Other pluses for natural horn shades are that they are both lightweight and hypoallergenic. So if acetate and metal frames strike you as mundane, beat the sun with the singular style of one of these natural horn sunglasses.

Millton by Olliver Abbott $100

Ferris by Woodzee $120

The Foster by Lewis Fredericks $420

Spur by SomNoir $645

Honey Horn Couture by Ermenegildo Zegna $1,030

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