Original Penguin Solid Canvas Shorts

A Good Refresh Option for Short Season


Warm weather may have come a long time ago for our southern based readers (or for that matter never left in the first place), but for those stationed on the East Coast, it’s just starting to come around. If pulling the shorts you wore last season out of hibernation however has you less than pleased with their look, we suggest picking up a basic pair of Penguin’s solid canvas shorts ($69). Made as the name implies from 100% cotton canvas, the company offers pairs in the more neutral staples like “Black Iris” (Navy) and “Silver Lining” (Khaki), as well as bright red for those seeking some pop for their outfit. Mercifully there are also no pleats to be seen on any pair. If canvas doesn’t match the weight/comfort ratio you look for in a short though, Penguin also offers a variety of other “Whitfield” cut options in madras plaids and strips too, so feel free to let your preppy imagination run wild.

Buy Now: $69

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