Money Clamp Milan

Clamp Down on Wallet Bulk


It’s a polarizing topic. Wallet or money clip? I count myself as part of the former, but as a group, the Gear Patrol Crew is fairly divided. So when Money Clamp came knocking at our door we were excited to renew the age-old debate. Weapon of choice: the Milan ($80).

The Milan comes in either Silver or Aluminum and can stand-alone or be paired with either a black or brown leather wallet. For our currency clutching exploits we opted for the Silver Milan with Black Wallet ($90). I know what you’re thinking, I cheated. And you’d be right, but the combination is a perfect marriage of security and convenience. As a solo operator the Milan has a vice like grip and a spring-loaded clasp that ensures even smaller wads of cash and cards stay put. Layer in the flat-wallet and you have quick access to ids, plastic or for us urban dwellers, mass-transit passes. The wallet also features an inner pocket to hold miscellaneous items like receipts or business cards. Fully loaded it can accommodate 8 cards, 20 bills and can do it in less space than my current wallet. We’ll leave the final choice up to you but Money Clamp seems to have considered both sides of the debate.

Buy Now: Silver Milan ($80) | Milan (Silver) w/Black Wallet ($90) | Milan (Silver) w/Brown Wallet ($90).

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