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Orlebar Brown Boxer Short

For a Genteel Summer


Last summer we got to try out Orlebar Brown’s Bulldog ($138) short, an excellent beach/swim short. The ladies were big fans and we were too as we found the quality, well, stellar. New for this year Orlebar Brown has released two “Sport” shorts, the Boxer and Pup. Being such big fans of the Bulldogs, we were intrigued. An inquiry, delivery, and procurement later – the Orlebar Brown Boxer was in our hands for 9 rounds.

As their “Sport” designation would lead you to believe the Orlebar Brown Boxer and Pup are a decidedly more athletic take on their shorts.


The Pup is not for the faint of heart. Its cut resembles hard-core (read quite short) running shorts. Worried about releasing quads upon the world might scar people we opted for the Boxers. The Boxers are made in England from quick drying Nylon, with an elastic waistband like most gym shorts. Its cut is short, but no more so than the Bulldogs, and resembles a cross between tennis shorts and Umbros with a tailored appearance. We think it’s another solid winner appearance wise, but more importantly so does our significant other. Normally net lining is a deal breaker for us, but found Orlebar’s implementation to be comfortable to the point we forgot it was there. With the addition of front pockets and a zippered back pocket the Boxer’s would be equally at the resort pool as the gym.

While the Boxer’s are great for a cardio workout, or some yoga, we’d be hard pressed to submit them to hardcore session in the weightroom. That’s not to say they couldn’t handle it, we just like them to much to beat on them like that.

Bottom Line: The Boxer is well made and look pretty damn good. Pick up a pair, wear them to the country club, and watch your girlfriend beat the Cougar’s off you with a stick. When it’s time to leave, we’d suggest throwing on a white Adam shirt with the sleeves cuffed…BA.

Buy Now: $138 (Boxer)

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