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Stop Hating Your Hair Styling Products, Start to Boogie

Not only does Dollar Shave Club help guys get rid of hair, they’re also pretty great at helping guys maintain their hair.



You’d be forgiven for thinking of Dollar Shave Club as an entertainment empire, since their commercials walk a fine line between product ads and sketch comedy. (Take a minute and watch their first, even if you’ve already seen it — it’s f***ing great.) But there’s more to DSC than charming YouTube videos with 23 million views. Their main business model — monthly razor subscriptions — is aimed at people with hair who regularly shave that hair, and who also wish to save money and enjoy supreme convenience. The blades and shaving supplies are inexpensive and ship right to your door on a monthly basis. Razor packages start at $1/month and there’s no commitment.

Now, however, you’d be forgiven for thinking DSC is even more than a fun brand and smart-saving-grace to all the shaver-savers in the world. Not only does DSC help guys get rid of hair, they’re also pretty great at helping guys maintain their hair. Which is where Boogie’s by DSC comes in. It may sound like a handkerchief subscription, but Boogie’s by DSC is a line of grooming products that’s made for every hair type and hold preference. If you’re a DSC member, your separate Boogie’s purchase will ship right along with your monthly razor subscription — just purchase separately and it’ll be included with the next package. No subscription? Stress not (it’ll make your hair fall out) — you can pick up Boogie’s separate from the monthly razor experience. Best of all, everything is 10 bucks or less.

Using Boogie’s Match, a quick quiz that determines the prefect product for your needs, you’ll zero in on the right paste or pomade, cream or clay that your look requires. It’s all engineered to go in easy, do its thing without leaving flakes or clumps, then wash out clean. They’ve injected botanicals into each product to keep your hair as healthy and happy as possible. Better yet is the DSC “Hairantee,” which rhymes with guarantee and would probably be good for 10-20k extra YouTube views alone. The Hairantee is this: if you don’t like the product you or the Match quiz picked, DSC will send you a full-size product of your choice for free.

It’s easy to forget that your hair can look incredible all the time. That’s because it’s hard to find good styling products that do just what your style requires. Boogie’s removes the annoyance of choosing, and keeps your bathroom cabinet clear of all those old products that you hate because they never worked.

So if you have hair, Boogie’s is an obvious choice: low cost, no risk, all the style. If you don’t have hair, DSC can keep your scalp shiny and smooth. Which is why DSC is the one-stop shop for all guys.

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