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This American Denim Is Made to Take a Beating

Made in America, from Cone Mills denim.


San Francisco-based Chrome Industries has released a new American-made denim collection designed to be, as they claim, the strongest raw denim ever made. The Wyatt collection is made from Cone Mills denim woven with a small percentage of Dyneema, an incredibly durable fiber that is 15 times stronger than steel. The inclusion of Dyneema (eight percent) is enough to increase abrasion resistance by 100 percent without sacrificing comfort or appearance.

The Wyatt collection is comprised of a work shirt ($150), a pair of jeans ($150) and a chore coat ($180), all sewn in San Francisco and outfitted with American hardware. With a strong history of making tough goods for urban commuters and bicycle messengers, Chrome stands behind their new collection with a one-year warranty, so if you’re prone to ripped knees or torn pockets — or you just beat the hell out of your denim — this is the collection for you.

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