Number:Lab Striped Ringer Polo

Striped Style


Blending the fit of athletic-wares and current modern styling ought to be a simple process. Yet, men don’t really have a wide variety of options that fit the athletic man, are fashion forward, and of course feel good. So, in our searchings, we tried out Number:Lab’s Striped Ringer Polo ($101) and am starting to believe it’s possible.

Now, I’m by no means a big guy, in fact I consider myself quite average. Medium’s fit great around my torso and are the right length, but squeeze my shoulders and armpits in an unfaltering muscle head aesthetic. On the other hand, if I opt for a large for less restriction, the bottom half of the shirt balloons out and looks like I’m swimming in it. Why is it manufacturers only make clothes for heavy or rail-thin builds? What about the rest of us?

NUMBER:Lab prides itself on incorporating current styles with their line of athletically inspired clothing. The Striped Ringer Polo is no exception. Made from 100% Pima cotton (read: super soft and amazingly comfortable), the Striped Ringer Polo has an athletic cut, but leaves room to maneuver. You can forego the spandex or garbage bag fit choice. Better yet, the shirt’s style has the chops to stand out in a crowd with side panel vertical stripes and contrasting solid accent borders. The $101 price tag might be higher than most are willing to swallow, but consider this wardrobe axiom: less but better is always more.

If you’ve put in the time and effort at the gym or in the kitchen to look your best, don’t settle for shirts that simply don’t fit properly. You’ve worked hard, you deserve to look your best.

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