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3 Clear-Frame Sunglasses to Try Right Now

Venture out from solid colors and tortoiseshell.

Chase Pellerin

A market rooted in dark-frame sunglasses, where tortoiseshell is acknowledged as the creative choice, has recently received a burst of fresh life: clear-frame sunglasses. Though the un-pigmented frames have been offered by niche brands for years, they have recently grown in popularity and numerous brands now offer their own versions. So whether you’re tired of mainstream options or you just want to try something new, these clear-frame sunglasses are guaranteed to rejuvenate your eyewear style.

Type 04 Sunglasses by Sun Buddies $145

Bently 51 Sunglasses by Garrett Leight California Optical $315

Fairmont Sunglasses by Oliver peoples $365

Want the Look for Less?

An Option for the Budget-Conscious Buyer

Roland Sunglasses by Warby Parker $95

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