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5 Great Sunglasses for Summer

Sunglasses are an accessory, a statement, a must-have when summer days stretch long and the heat settles in.

Henry Phillips

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In the late ’20s, a man by the name of Sam Foster, founder of Foster Grant, started selling “sunglasses” made from affordable celluloid to beachcombers in southern New Jersey. The eyewear trend caught on, and soon millions of Americans all over the country owned a pair of their own. Sunglasses became an accessory, a statement, a must-have when summer days stretched long and the heat settled in. In the near century since, we haven’t looked back.


Specs Case by Böle $285
Zepherin by Jacques Marie Mage $515


Sunglasses Case by Whitehouse Cox $120
SU1-02 by The Hill-Side $239


Eyewear Sleeve by MAKR $90
Oppl Sun by Oliver Peoples $485


Sunglass Case by Tanner Goods $75
Walker by Saturdays Surf NYC $295


JB7 Glasses Case by Brooks England John Boultbee $114
PO8649S by Persol $315

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