Heading to the Beach? Here’s How to Do It Right

From hats and sunscreen to sandals and swim trunks.


We’re square in the middle of summer, and if you haven’t set out to wrap your arms around every moment of dripping sunshine glory right now, come January, you’ll regret the time spent indoors. So, to inspire and equip you for the essentials of a beach outing, or to better your aire libre setup at the lake, we’ve assembled a few guides to the proper gear for spending time in the refreshing, waterside great outdoors. – Matthew Ankeny

The Hat


Made for hot summer days, these lightweight hats protect your face and neck from the UV rays.

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The Sunglasses


The best summer sunglasses, all for under $60 a pair.

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The Shirt


The camp collar is not just for bowling shirts and aloha prints — it’s also perfect for the beach.

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The Shorts


Shorts that look as good with a t-shirt as they will with a button-up Oxford, during the summer and beyond.

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The Swim Trunks


Swim trunks that will have you adequately covered this summer — in the water or at a backyard BBQ.

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The Sandals


You wouldn’t wear a parka in the middle of summer, so why are you still wrapping your feet up in shoes?

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The Towel


Before you hit the beach, upgrade to a better beach towel.

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The Tote


A place to store towels, cool drinks, and other accoutrement.

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The Sunscreen

sunscreen gear patrol lead full 2

Help protect against damaging rays with a moisturizing sunscreen that works.

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